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Ever since starting out in 1976, the focus for Öhlins Racing AB has been on becoming the obvious choice for those who want a shock absorber that goes beyond the run-of-the-mill shock absorbers, and that surpasses the highest of standards.

Everyone realises that different shock absorbers are needed for motorcross and touring. However, at Öhlins Racing AB we go much further than that. We have developed specially designed shock absorbers for enduro, supermotard, dual sport, cruiser, sport, hypersport and racing as well. Every shock absorber is a technically advanced product with respect to performance, precision, quality, endurance, safety and reliability. This is one of the key factors that lie behind all of the successes that our shock absorbers are constantly achieving on the race tracks.

Another key factor is our continuous development process. We currently have a long list of patented solutions for technical applications and improved functions. Solutions that will benefit you, regardless of whether you ride a motorcross or a touring motorcycle. Our strong cooperation’s with elite racing teams in the MotoGP and WSB gives us tremendous opportunities to test new technology that sooner or later will end up in our aftermarket assortment. High-end racing is not an isolated business area that is separated from our aftermarket program – racing is just the ultimate challenge to see if our products is good enough for all of our private customers around the world.

It is therefore no coincidence that more and more “ordinary” motorcyclists – who think only the best is good enough – are discovering that our shock absorbers keep the same high standard for their motorcycles as they do for the world’s elite.