Galfer are innovators in braking technology and are the company responsible for the original Wave® disc design and in fact hold the worldwide patent on that design. All wavy type rotors are not the same!!

For over 50 years, Galfer have supplied original equipment brake discs and pads to automotive and motorcycle industries worldwide and utilising the very latest manufacturing technology and materials have ensured consistent quality and high performance.

Galfer discs and pads are used by many Superbike and Supersport teams worldwide including Team Yoshimura Suzuki, Alstare Suzuki Corona and Ducati Coventry and Northpoint Honda here in the UK.

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Wave® discs are a direct bolt on replacement for original discs, offering several benefits over conventional designs.

  • High carbon content steel rotors offer superior friction properties.
  • Significantly lighter than standard discs therefore reducing unsprung weight and gyroscopic effect (bike will turn easier).
  • Wave® design offers a self-cleaning action to remove grime and water as it turns.
  • The Wave® shape allows expansion and contraction with less tendency to warp.
  • The shape of the rotor dissipates heat and cools as it rotates, meaning a lower running temperature of the whole brake system.
  • A highly technical look is achieved.